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August 09 2019

Learn Druapl Development: Druapl Tutorial

Drupal Development Company

Drupal Core Basis And Why You Should Choose It For Web Development?

All About Drupal and A Tutorial for Beginners

Drupal is a content management framework that released its first version in 2001. On its first release, only a few persons were connected to it, however, in 2019 the Drupal community has connected to more than 1.37 million members that include 114,000 active users. Moreover, the Drupal has launched 8 versions till 2019 and DRUPAL 8.0 is the most advanced version till today. A basic Website installation and administration of the framework make it quite user-friendly CMS for newcomers and sophisticated API for developers.

Why you should choose Drupal for web development?

From the past few years, Drupal has been overshadowing its competitors with a fast, content-rich and regularly updated platform. Web owners are choosing it as it helps to allure millions of web visitors in a day. It has many features that make it versatile such as;

  • High-End Security

Web security is always on the top priority when we talk about Drupal. WordPress, Magento, and Joomla are the most being used CMS platforms, but due to some security compromise, an array of websites has been got infected by cyber threats. However, the infected ratio in Drupal developed website is negligible.

  • Scalability

Drupal provides Scalable infrastructure support for the website’s growth needs. No matters how much busy your website is, Drupal can administer a huge amount of web visitors, content, and Drupal users at a time.

  • Content Workflow

A wide range of magnificent tools of Drupal makes easy for you to manage your content requirements.

  • Multilingual

The multilingual feature of Drupal now makes it easy for their users to deliver localized digital experiences to their customers. It saves a lot of time and big bucks that usually invest in translating content on the site for local customers. It offers around 90+ language tools.

  • Mobile-Responsive

Drupal provides Mobile-Responsive website designs to their users for delivering the best visitor experiences to their online visitors’, especially mobile users.

  • High Speed

The most advanced version of D8 has a new cache system known as cache tags that give you the fastest Drupal ever.

Industries Drupal Serves

Drupal is one of the leading industries and it has linked to millions of members. All range of industries from small scale to large scale is being served with web services by Drupal. Besides it, non-profit organizations are also having the benefit of digital experiences. The most being served industries by Drupal include:

  • Finance & Technology
  • Sports & Entertainments
  • Art and Culture
  • Travel And Tourism
  • High Tech
  • Ecommerce
  • NGOs And Non-Profit Organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Higher ED
  • Media And Publishing
  • Government Agencies

Moreover, the following bar chart of a Drupal Business Survey 2018 shows the top 10 industries in which Drupal customers operate:

How to learn Drupal?

Whenever something is begun new, everyone has a fear of how to do it and will it be successful? It’s completely common. If you are new to Drupal, you might have the same thoughts but don’t worry, learning Drupal is not a hard nut to crack. But, you need to invest your precious time and some money in learning it.

  • Some Basic Requirements

First of all, before heading to learning Drupal you should have some dedication to learning Drupal. Then, you must have some prior coding skills which include the basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, PHP, etc. if you have both the dedication and prior coding skills, you can move forward to start a Drupal web development project.

  • Drupal Resources

Numerous resources available online if you want to learn Drupal that include: Drupal.org

If you want to read online materials, you may visit Drupal.org. you can get information about distribution, themes, modules, and forums support there. Moreover, different types of tutorial available there like Drupal beginner guides, begin basic configuration, Drupal 8 User Guide and Local Development Guide, etc. For best practice, it is recommended to download all Drupal installations, modules, themes.

  • Books

Drupal also offers a wide array of books for its users who want to learn Drupal. This includes mainly two types of books as mentioned below:

Books for Beginners

  • Using Drupal

This book introduces Drupal to newcomers. It will beneficial for both who do not have any knowledge about Drupal and who knows a little. It usually helps in understanding the CMS and how to set up common functionality, etc.

  • Drupal for Dummies

This book is meant for beginners who don’t know anything about Drupal. It has information about CMS, its features, how to create and manage content in CSM, install modules and about activate themes.

  • Drupal 8 for Absolute Beginners

It is meant to give information about the most advanced version Drupal 8. If you want to get handy instantly in Drupal 8, you can read this book.

Books for Drupal Developers

  • Pro Drupal 7 Development

Pro Drupal 7 Development book is published for advanced developers. It gives information about Drupal core and the API, how Drupal works? How to build a theme? how to build a module? and much more.

  • Drupal 7 Module Development

If you want to get basic information about Drupal 7 like Drupal site-building, creating modules and, about database interfaces, themes, and administration. This will be the best alternative for you.

  • Drupal 7 Themes

As the name implies, it is intended to give information about Drupal 7 themes. You can get information about the Drupal 7 theming Architecture, how to set up a theme and create a new theme, amending the existing theme, etc.

  • Videos

Some people like to read online material or books, but others like to watch tutorial videos. If you are one of them you can find the tutorial videos on websites such as; Udemy, Drupalize.me, BuildaModule.com and YouTube

  • Google

Last but not least ‘Google’ is always there to help you out. Just put a keyword regarding your query into Google, just in a few moments, you will get your answer. Moreover, you can explore Drupal communities and Blogs for more information.

Hire Dedicated Drupal Developer

If you are unable to work on Drupal due to the lack of time or busy schedule, you may hire an experienced Drupal Developer. They will not only complete your projects in the fixed time frame but also save your huge time and worth your money. They can easily handle simple to compound projects and also offer suitable solutions at your disposal. Furthermore, you may also hire an FTI for your Drupal Web Development Company.

Why to choose FTI FOR Drupal Web Development?

However, choosing an ideal Hire Drupal Web developer is not an easy task as there are web development companies who are claiming to be the best one in industry. However, many things to be looked upon when you hire Drupal web development service like budget, expertise, support for queries rise during project, timeline and few others. To get all these things in a single package, and to select one out of the pool of thousands of candidates you can consider hiring Freelance to India (FTI).

With FTI, you can simply contact them and know your requirements. Once the first stage is cleared of basic talk, you can put an order as well outsource manifold long-term projects. With expertise people and years of experience, they can shape your thought regarding Drupal Development. The application or website you want to develop can be a handy task for them. You can check the rating and reviews of this company. This will give you an idea about their work, performance, experience and many more things.


Drupal is one of the leading CMS platforms for making web application and mobile application. Its user-friendly functionality gives ease to new users and, its high-security standard and page loading speed improves brand reliability. You can either hire an expert or a web development company from FTI according to your choice and budget. Drupal helps you to provide the best digital experience for your consumers.

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July 30 2019

Learn BigCommerce Development: BigCommerce Tutorial

BigCommerce Development Company

BigCommerce is one of the renowned e-commerce software that offers a robust platform for companies of all kinds with all the essential tools required for starting and growing their online business. With its easy to use interface along with built-in features which are advanced, BigCommerce may be the best option for expanding your online store. Since its inception in 2008, BigCommerce has grown its presence rapidly with more than 90,000 online stores across 65 countries using their e-commerce software.

If you are planning to use BigCommerce for setting up your online store, you can learn about how to go about it using some of the key steps which we’ve shared below:

BigCommerce Tutorial for setting up your online store

The BigCommerce platform provides some amazing features with some advanced management tools and selling features to assist both beginners and advanced users to set up their online store quickly by following some simple steps:

  • Create your BigCommerce account

The BigCommerce platform offers a 14-day free trial with no requirement of credit card or anything. All you need to do is sign up and enter the name of the store in the form provided to you on the home page. Next, click on the Orange button to start your free trial. It will ask you a few details about you and your store. Once you have filled in the details, you need to click on the orange box-Create my store now and click agree to their terms and conditions.

  • Tour the BigCommerce dashboard

As soon as you finish the setup, you will be taken to the BigCommerce dashboard on the screen and you can take an online tour to understand its features which is worth taking to understand the store features. You can skip this step but its important to use it if you want to market your website and boost your sales.

  • Use the Quick launch Wizard

To set up the store, you can use the BigCommerce Quick Start Wizard which we will be explaining below in this tutorial

How to use the BigCommerce Quick Start Wizard?

Step 1-Launch the Wizard

Click the blue button->Let’s customize the store option. Next, set up your store name along with other details related to the store. Click on Update your store settings which allows you to update your store name, address, phone number along with admin email address.

If you do not want visitors to come across your half-finished store, choose the option->Yes, Display a ‘Down For Maintenance’message on my store. Click on the blue Save button.

Step 2- Select the measurement units

Scroll down to choose the correct measurement for your products-> US customary units/metric. Again, scroll down to fill SEO settings for your store and then click on the SAVE button on the bottom justify.

Step 3: Select the theme

The next step using the Quick Wizard is to choose your logo and theme. Select->Change your theme and logo by clicking on the blue button. This will take you to an area on the dashboard that allows to change your template or theme. You can scroll down to look at the different templates available by choosing to view a Preview. Once you have chosen the template, click on->Apply this template.

It’s always good practice to back up your customization before you choose to change your theme.

Step 4: Include your logo

Go to the themes page, there you will find a list of tabs. Choose the third tab->logo and click on this tab. From there, choose a page to upload your business logo for which the size recommended is 250×100 pixels. Next upload your logo by choosing the option->Upload a logo image from my computer. Choose File which will open your file manager to browse your logo. Then click Upload Logo Image.

In case you do not have the logo, choose the-> Show Text where my logo will be displayed which allows you to enter text instead of using a logo.

Step 5-Add your products

Restart the Quick Launch Wizard. Click on Stage 2 and on the blue button->Add Products. You will be directed to a page to add products. Fill out all the required product details or add your own categories that matches with the type of products you want to sell. Select a product URL and SKU. Scroll down to add product description, price and shipping details for the products along with the product image. Click on Save and Exit.

Step 6-Set up payment methods

In the Quick Launch Wizard click on Stage 3->choose Set up payment methods. It provides two options-Paypal and Stripe which may be easy set up by following the essential steps. To select shipping options, go back to Stage 3 and click on the Ship your products option and choose the blue button->Choose the shipping options. You can give your business address to set up from the business zones along with shipping rates based on the zone.

Step 7: Set up taxes

This is the final stage of the Quick Launch Wizard where you need to set up taxes where you need to inform BigCommerce if you want to set up taxes for different zones or want to have prices inclusive of tax.

Hire dedicated BigCommerce Developer

BigCommerce is a complex platform that is constantly evolving to provide an enhanced user experience. With these new developments taking place, it might be challenging to build your BigCommerce store to function with maximum speed and efficiency. Hire BigCommerce Developer expert can make a huge difference to your business as they have all the required skill and experience to build your online store rom scratch by integrating all the functions right from product and category pages to custom website design and development with ease.

Why use FTI for BigCommerce Web Development?

Freelance To India offers 100% responsive themes to enable their customers to have access to your site from anywhere and anytime. They offer mobile friendly site that are compatible with different screen sizes. Their team has the right expertise to design high quality home page designs along with all page checkouts that allows you to showcase your products to the customers. Additionally, they also offer a robust user interface that has wish list, search option long with easy checkout options. You can meet your unique business requirements by using their eCommerce template along with their fully optimized features.

They offer BigCommerce services to different industries based in Education, Healthcare, banking, business & finance, restaurants, sports including entertainment.


BigCommerce is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that provides some of the most unique features for online store management along with content management services, hosting and security features. They are suitable for all types of businesses right from beginners to advanced level users and help you to manage your store with greater efficiency.

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Learn Laravel Development: Laravel Tutorial

Laravel Development Services

Did you know that Laravel Development is one of the easiest and most lucrative IT skills that can skyrocket your employ ability and potential earnings? In fact, the beauty of this framework is that you may never have to find a full-time job. Most Laravel Developers work from the luxury of their own home, backyard, or any other place they wish to. Plus, you can have more than one client and that can spike up your earnings depending on your professional skills.

On an average, a remote Laravel Development professional earns between $60,000 and $106,000 per year. Now that is awesome because implementing the Laravel framework does not require lengthy codes. Instead, you can do so much with just a wee bit of coding, and that surely gives you enough time to manage the work of multiple clients, quite easily.

What is Laravel Development and How Can I Learn it?

If you wish to get into the freelancing bandwagon, and build your career as a Freelance Developer, then you must realize the importance of time. PHP Laravel is a framework that makes life much easier for a PHP Developer, and minimizes the amount of coding, with its in-built functionalities. Speaking of time, as a Freelance Laravel Programmer and Developer, you have very little of it as numerous small and mid sized businesses prefer to hire remote workers.

It works for them because their needs are basic, and they can’t afford to invest in advanced technologies or dedicated Laravel programmers. So, getting a project isn’t a big deal, instead, you need to focus on developing authority in Laravel, by prepping-up yourself for real-time development. If you are wondering how you can do that, then we’re right here to guide you through the process. Unless you follow it, things can get clumsy, especially if you are an absolute newbie, so read until the end.

Laravel Development Tutorials

Learning any MVC Framework can be quite intimidating and to make the entire process easier, you need proper guidance. So, if you wish to try your hand at Laravel, the whole process of choosing the right resources can be overwhelming. So, here’s a step-by-step walk through.

1. Get the Basics Right

Most beginners tend to make the mistake of trying to learn Laravel without being proficient in PHP. No matter how ridiculous this sounds, it’s the bare truth. So, if you are in that zone, then the first thing that you need to master is PHP.

2. Hone Your OOPS Skills       

If you wish to master any of the PHP frameworks, be it Symphony, Laravel or anything else, you need to be extremely good at certain PHP concepts. The most important ones are those that come under OOPS such as classes, methods, abstraction, encapsulation and more. Most of these are available in PHP 5, so if you are new to PHP and are about to start from scratch, then OOPs is something that you need to get a hold over.

3. Try Doing a PHP Project

Even if you possess a certain degree of programming experience in any programming language other than PHP, we still recommend that you spend some time learning PHP. You can do a self-assessment of your PHP skills by creating at least one PHP project independently before you start learning any of the PHP frameworks. This would not only give you a better understanding of PHP but also ensure that you know what is taking time and how these frameworks make your life much easier.

4. Get Started with Laravel

Now that you know PHP and are proficient in OOPs, it’s finally time to set the right environment for Laravel. The easiest way to do this is by setting up Laravel Homestead. Some of the other essential packages that you need to have in place, are VMWare, Hyper-V, Vagrant, VirtualBox6.x, and Parallels. However, if you aren’t quite familiar with these, you can always get help to set it up.

Since you now have a thorough understanding of PHP and OOPs concepts, learning Laravel should be a cakewalk. It shouldn’t take you more than a fortnight to master this Framework and here is a great resource for those keen on getting started with Laravel, all by themselves.

Industries We Serve

Freelance To India (FTI) empowers your business by bringing in exceptionally talented Laravel professionals, eager to take your business to the next level. Some of the industries we’ve served include the following:

At FTI, we help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals by understanding and delivering precisely what their business requires. So, if your business has very specific needs, then you can hire FTI’s dedicated Laravel Developer, who would work solely on your project and interact with you on a regular basis.

Why Hire FTI for Laravel Web Development?

  • Diligent – FTI’s Laravel professionals are diligent and work according to the instructions provided by our clients.
  • Deadlines – We make it a point to honour deadlines, and no matter what it takes to get there, but we make it a point to deliver desired results to our clients, within the deadline.
  • Technical Expertise – We hire professionals with a proven track record to do the job for you. So, if it’s a user authentication that you require, then the job would be handled by someone
    who has done that earlier.
  • Customer Satisfaction – With a majority of returning clients, we guarantee absolute customer satisfaction in every project that we undertake.


At FTI, we help businesses flourish by leveraging the hidden potential of Laravel and other core technologies, to help businesses run smoother and more efficiently. To embark upon a more fulfilling consulting experience, we welcome you to join hands with us.

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Learn WordPress Development: WordPress Tutorial

WordPress Development

Did you know that WordPress (WP) developers earn around $3000 to $15, 000 for a full WordPress design? Well, the median hourly rate for WordPress development is also a ‘juicy’ $50/hour.

These separate reports make WordPress development one of the most lucrative businesses you can do remotely. If you’re an aspiring WordPress developer, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Here, you will know how to learn WordPress development, the tutorials which will prepare you for your next projects, and how you can benefit from WP development services. Read on.

How Do I Learn WordPress Development?

While WordPress development will pay you generously soon you’ve mastered the art, there are some challenges you’ll undoubtedly face. From a lack of motivation to self-doubt, etc., you must work hard to overcome these obstacles.

If you are ready to get started with WP development, there are many online courses you can subscribe to; so, you can get the core and basics of WordPress development. It’s however worth noting that not all developer coaches out are reliable.

If you are not fortunate, chances are high you will land on the hands of an amateur developer or scammer. The results? Poorly planned course modules with nothing much to gain.

That’s the last thing you’d expect from your trainer, but it leaves you with only one way to go; Research.

Before subscribing to any WordPress development course, be sure to do proper background research on the trainer. Check experience, the industries they serve, and most importantly, past client reviews.

This will give you a good overview of the trainer’s proficiency and what to expect at the end of the training. You should also check to confirm that your trainer-to be has a good social media presence. They should also have a professional website which lists their services, areas of expertise, and the approach they adopt to help you reach your goals.

WordPress Development Tutorials

In getting started with WP development tutorials for beginners, you will need; functional WordPress installation, Development server, and Text editors e.g., NetBeans, and Notepad++.

Here, you will learn how to modify site appearance, the admin panels, and the site operations or ‘behavior.’ Your trainer will also use and show you how to use custom web coding languages like HTML, and CSS.

If you have some background knowledge about these coding languages, it will be easy to get the hang of these tutorials faster.

From the course, you will learn how to create a new admin control panel from scratch, and the User profile pages, etc. The tutorials will also show you how to create WordPress themes, Plug-in, Widgets, and the whole website — and how to use the apps which use WP on the back end with APIs.

WordPress development covers installation, navigation of dashboard, content publishing, plug-ins installation, installation of WordPress themes, optimization of WordPress performance, WordPress security are few points that should be included in tutorial and we have given overview of each points for your attention.

  • WordPress Installation: In this section, you will have knowledge of WP installation and for it, you need PHP version 5.2.4+ or MySQL version 5.0.15+. You can install WP by plug-in or manually. To manually install, you need file manager and latest version of WordPress. Once it is installed, just login to admin panel and browse dashboard.
  • Publish Content: When you create a website with WordPress, the first thing will come content publishing either it can be a post or a page. You can categorize, archive and tag your post. This post is used to publish time-sensitive content.
  • Plug-in Installation: To expand functionality of WordPress, you need plug-ins as it will add new feature without any development or hard coding. You will find different plug-ins for different uses. There are thousands of free plug-ins available in WP like Google XML Sitemaps, Yoast SEO, Wordfence Security, etc.
  • WordPress Themes installation: Same as plug-in, you can install free or premium themes for better look. Few themes are universal and can be applied on any website while other themes are designed for specific purpose. It will take few moments to install themes.
  • WordPress Optimization: When you add text, image, code in WP then it will take time to load the website and to overcome this situation, you need to optimize WordPress. By doing this, you can increase page loading speed. To do this, there are few plug-ins available that can boost website optimization.
  • Security: WordPress security is essential in which, keep your WP updated, keep unique credentials, WP backup, etc.

Industries We Serve

We at Freelance To India has served many industries through our WordPress Development and few of them are below mentioned. Here’s a rundown of some of the industries that we serve;

1. Real Estate Industry.

2. Health Industry.

3. Security.

4. Business products and services industry.

5. Government services industry.

6. Financial services industry.

7. Logistics and transport industry.

8. The Legal sector.

9. Customer products and services industry.

10. Food processing industries and many more.

Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer?

Are you ready to kick start your WordPress Development? Get in touch with one of our dedicated developer and get the necessary skills that have helped establish us as the forces to reckon in this industry.

Why Hire FTI For WordPress Web Development?

♦ Skilled staff. Our clients love our services because we only use subject matter experts who are trained in the field. These experts will help you get the relevant knowledge, skills, and tricks that they’ve tapped in over the years to make them productive and effective in this field.

♦ Client focus. You need a program which matches your career goals and plans. We have a dedicated customer care personnel, which offers round the clock service. We pay attention to your schedules and model the training framework in line with your programs.

♦ Precision. We understand how the current business landscape is. Therefore, we know what works and what doesn’t work. Our team is, therefore, always keen to remove the fluff and present you with raw data that will aid in your quick development.

♦ Professionalism. Our goal is to see you succeed, and professionalism is our primary driving force. Because of this, we’re always keen to use the most relevant technologies which are currently trending to prepare you for future success.

♦ Honesty. Before signing on the dotted line, we’re always keen to ensure that we understand what you expect. We will, therefore, lay out for you what you should expect during the whole period.

Our pricing structures are also straightforward, with no hidden fees.

Take Away

Making the switch to full-time WordPress developer could be your saving grace if you have a knack for technical stuff. Let’s help you tap into your creativity for a better future.

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June 07 2019

How to Hire iOS App Development Company

How to Hire iOS App Development Company

The iOS market is flooded with newbies and experienced companies looking forward to taking on their next app development project. Companies and businesses intend to launch the best iOS applications that will steer their business objectives in the market and ensure they compete favorably. While everyone wants to get the best app development project done within their set timeline, most individuals are uninformed about how to spot the best iOS App Development Company in the market.

The following tips clarify how to identify such companies and help your business to grow and achieve the purposed Return on Investment (ROI).

1. Expertise

The reason for developing an iOS app for the business of the company is to improve the level of knowledge and efficiency in the industry. To realize this aspect, one must hire iOS App Developer with enough experience that will take over app development projects and accomplishes them on time. Check also about company background like a record of accomplishment.

Has the company delivered any significant app project in the past? How many projects were successful? How many projects are related to your current project? Evaluating the record and experience level of the company helps you to find out whether you can hire the company for the iOS project.

2. Researching and specifying the requirements

Once you are done identifying the potential company for the project, it is essential to come up with a list of all the requirements for the app. These requirements can include user specifications, future developments, deliverables, and many more. Assemble all the requirements to help the app developer to incorporate them into the iOS app. Functional requirements and software requirement specifications (SRS) are essential standards in having the best applications. One should always check and confirm with their app developers if they include such standard measures in their tasks.

3. Purpose of app development

Different businesses have dissimilar objectives for developing their applications. In most cases, increasing performance and optimizing service delivery is the critical objective for app development. Therefore, when choosing the right iOS app developer, one should ensure they select app developers with abilities to deliver impressive app designs that will not only increase efficiency but also create better user experience. The app developer must follow the specifications issued by their client.

Often, the best app developing companies work together with their clients ensuring they do not miss on any specifications.

4. Developers’ Market reputation

Based on reviews from the projects the app developer recently accomplished, one can evaluate their level of expertise. It is crucial to seek testimonials and client reviews about a company before hiring them for any services. In researching about the app developer, one should ask questions linked to the period the developer takes to complete a project, methodology used in app development, their ability to communicate with clients effectively, and ability to deliver expected results. Establishing the developer’s capability to provide the best iOS applications depends on how deep one can find the answers to such questions.

5. Pricing and quality

Building the best iOS app is central to meeting the objectives of the business. In doing so, one should never compromise on the quality of the application. The app developer should be able to share the client’s budget and work with the constraints in the budget. Bargaining on the most bearable cost of developing the budget is critical in ensuring the business does not fall into any financial traps. Also, the company should be able to apply technology and innovation while considering efficiency, quality, pricing, and costs.

6. Timeline

An iOS development project must have a specified timeframe. While most companies give duration for their projects, it is essential that both client and hired app developer agree on the right period for the project. One should take at least one week discussing with the app developer on the specification for customizing their apps. The discussion period allows the app developer to put forward their expected designs or draft before the client. After such discussions are over, the app developer should be given ample time to accomplish the project and submit it on the specified date.


Finding the right iOS app developing company is such a challenge task in the market today. With the stiff competition in the service delivery sector, it is vital for the business to hire iOS App Developer that will deliver applications that meet their market objectives. Wrong selection of app developer means that the company or industry will not meet the demands in the market and realize a low return in the end.

Although the right engagement models with app developers may differ, the tips given here are essential in the identification and approval of the official iOS App Development companies in the current market.

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June 04 2019

How to Hire Windows Mobile App Development Company

How to Hire Windows Mobile App Development Company

Any devices can support windows mobile applications with Windows operating systems. In this century, windows applications have become useful. Given the technicalities involved in developing the applications, it is challenging to identify the right companies to trust with its development.

Therefore, one needs to be equipped with tips on how to recognize the best Windows Mobile App Development Company in the market to hire for their next windows app development project. The following are some of the tips:

1. Researching

To come up with the right mobile application, one must conduct extensive research in the market. Given that windows mobile applications are not compatible with most devices, it is vital that one specifies whether their business idea and objectives fit into the services offered by the application. Factors to consider when researching include user preferences, usability, applicability, compatibility, and market competence.

Identification of the right mobile app developer begins with thorough research to find out the key attributes of the application one intends to have. Note the aspects of the application that must be considered by the app developer before hiring them for the project.

2. Developing a draft design

One should come up with a rough draft of the app design, figuring the crucial aspects of the real application, which must not be neglected by the app developer. Identifying such specifications helps in customization of the app and ensures the app developer incorporates all the requirements. Based on the objectives, mission, market demand, and needs of the business, one can ask for assistance from the app developer to help them formulate a list of requirements. Requirement specifications ensure the ultimate app submitted by the app developer is free from compatibility, safety, and legal issues.

3. Company’s experience and expertise

Experience means a lot in the technology field. To ensure faster growth and relevancy of the application, one should consider hiring an experienced mobile app developer equipped with the language used in developing Windows applications. Also, the company must be able to provide unique and impressive app designs that will make the business to stand out in the industry. Hiring an experienced company to develop your windows application gives peace of mind, knowing that your project is in a professional hand.

4. Post-development services

Windows mobile applications are user sensitive. Before and after launching the application, services such as maintenance, bug fixing, and testing are vital in ensuring continuity. Therefore, one should only hire Windows developer for your application that is ready and available for a long-term post-development service delivery. The chosen app developer must have skills on the modern test techniques to ensure the application remains useful to the target user and is less costly to the business to maintain.

Before launching the application, it must be tested across different devices and platforms to remove errors. A useful windows application is compatible with different screen sizes and operating systems.

5. Legal issues

When one hires a mobile app developer, they should legally own the project once it is accomplished. To ensure app ownership, one must engage the company effectively and sign all the legal documents that will guarantee the company full ownership of the app. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) must be duly signed with the app developer to ensure privacy and ensure data safety. Since the application is based on ideas and objectives of the business, one must not hire Windows app developers who are hesitant in signing confidentiality agreements.

6. Timeline for submission

The process of submitting mobile applications on platforms where end users can access them is tiring and involving. After testing the application to ensure it meets all the requirements, one should ask the app developer to submit it to the App Store. If the app does not meet the set guidelines for such platforms, they are not likely to be submitted on time. This is another way of finding out if your app developer was authentic and professional. The app developer must have the skills and expertise that allows them to upload the application on the App Store.


Windows mobile applications are the most difficult to develop. Therefore, to hire Windows Developer, one must do homework. The tips given here are useful in the identification of the right Windows Mobile App Development Company in the market. Note that in coming up with an application that meets the objectives of the business, communication between the app developer and the hiring company must be positive.

An application built based on market demands and requirements of the client will often achieve the goals of optimization, applicability, and efficiency in service delivery. Also, one must only employ professional and qualified developers who understand the algorithms of Windows app development to come up with applications that stand out in the market.

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A quality website design is always implicit to your customers. At Freelance To India, we serve best web design services to grow your brand, product, and services.

Hire our Dedicated Web Designer and Developer for your online website and mobile app.

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April 17 2019

Why is Responsive Design So Important?

Responsive web design (RWD) is the future for businesses that want to have a thriving online community. The most effective way of capturing people’s attention is through the mobile phone. If you have an online website that cannot load on the mobile platform, then you’re hurting your business.

The majority of your potential customers are scrolling on mobile sites, and if yours can’t load, they’ll discard it and move on to a competitor. The search engines algorithms have also evolved, and they give priority to sites that are first and foremost mobile friendly.

Having an RWD site will help increase traffic to your page thus increasing conversion rates. Online businesses that invest in advertising and promotion can now calculate their ROI effectively; lastly, conversions result in increased sales.

Read on for further insight to understand what responsive Website Design is all about, its importance, advantages and how it compares to traditional standard web design.

What is a Responsive Website Design?

RWD allows your website to adjust to any screen size and resolution without any glitches or differences. Responsive web designs appear the same whether on laptops, desktops, tablets or phones.

The term came up in the year 2010 through a renowned web designer. At first, businesses took it as another new trend in the web designing industry. RWD, however, is more than a new style; it changed the shift in the web designing such that in 2016, Google came up with new algorithms that gave priority to responsive websites.

Responsive Web Design Services makes more than mobile-friendly sites. They use a technology that allows the site to adapt seamlessly on any device.

Benefits of Using a Responsive Website Design

  • Increased Views from Mobile

68% of web traffic generates from mobile devices. There’s a higher chance of getting more traffic from a mobile phone than the laptop or desktop. Limiting the views to desktops and laptops cuts off the more significant chunk of the market from accessing your online business.

  • Lower Cost and Website Maintenance

Any responsive web design company will tell you how affordable an RWD site is in comparison to a standard site. In the past, companies that needed to tap into the mobile-uses market had to make two sites. The practice is not only time consuming, but it’s also expensive to maintain.

RWD eliminates the need of having two sites and using one website that adapts to the different devices available in the market today.

  • Improved User Experience

A seamless user experience allows any device to access the website without a glitch. The images and text load swiftly and are clear without the need to zoom in or changing the font size. Potential clients respond better to RWD sites than standard sites.

Unresponsive websites, on the other hand, load slowly on any other device apart from the desktop and laptops. Their images may load halfway or not at all, and the text appears skewed. They also consume a lot of data and battery power.

An excellent online business puts the clientele first by ensuring their experience with any device on their website has little to no faults.

  • Adapts Easily to Any Screen Size

There are all types of devices available today, especially in the mobile market. Different screen sizes and resolutions vary from one brand to another. It’s no longer an option to create a mobile-friendly device since it may load poorly in some devices and load fast in others.

Responsive website design makes it easy for all devices to access a website regardless of the mobile’s design.

  • For Analytics and ROI Calculation

When you have to maintain two platforms such as the web-based and the mobile-based platform, it’s difficult to keep up with analytics. You need to figure out which advertisement or promotion brought in conversions and which one you need to stop. Responsive Website Design lessens the load when making such analysis easing the decision-making process.


Responsive web design is easy to set up and maintain. It loads from all types of devices without giving the user any difficulties. The future of e-commerce lies in the loading speed of your website. An RWD site addresses all the concerns and keeps you ahead of the competition.

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April 01 2019

What is important in Web Development 2019?

Ever wonder why people are rushing into few websites of the 200 million active websites, all the time. Sadly, even they don’t have anything as our website has? It’s nothing but their interactive website design and its attractive guise. As our website is the façade of our business facility to the world, we have to upkeep it in a tidy, responsive and alluring way.

The appearance of our website has a significant role in welcoming visitors. A simple, eloquent, contented website enchant everyone than a messy and littering website. The navigation, fonts, colors, menus, support and user interface involves largely over this process.

The most recent surveys say people won’t spend more than three seconds for a website to load. If the site failed to show up within that moment, the chances of bouncing are more and more. Likewise, the trends and weathers over the website world are undulating every day and night.

However, let check what all are we need to check out on 2019 in web development.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP( accelerated mobile app) is a seedling planted and watered by Google for better user experience. It help to reduce the web page load time and gives a pleasant experience to customers.

Many of the users are visiting the website through their mobile phones. No visitor is ready to spend more than three or four seconds on a webpage to load. Hence it is our job to reduce the load time as less as possible. AMP helps to load the websites faster on mobile devices and optimize it for better ranking as well. Showing up before the customers are not just a matter of our business alone today. It determines the ranking of our website on the search engine.

Hence if you are serious about the website and, business AMP is a must to move forward.

Responsive chatbots

Chatbots are becoming a necessary element in websites today. People are far lazy to go over your FAQ’s and scratch out the question they want to ask. Today, as soon as they reach our website, people are checking for the chatbox to ask their queries.

Moreover, the chatbox of today is more like a human with the support of AI and machine learning. So, it can resolve any kind of questions outrightly. Remember, customers are not like to chat with some machines, so it’s essential to get into the world of AI and teach the machines to act like a human when chatting.

Thus, a responsive chatbox will be an asset for the business on the coming days for sure.

Progressive web apps

We Don’t Know the browser that the users try to access our website. IT may be a decade old technology or a week old. However, it is our need to make ready our website for any device and any browser. Leveraging the benefits of the progressive web app, we can take advantage of the native app and AWP either.

A progressive web app is more of a equipped web application than a website that can be accessed on the desktop. It should fit on all devices, regardless of the signal strength, platform and situation it should be awakened for every user all the time.

Hence it ensures its prominence in the future web development market freight. So, be ready for your websites with a progressive web app technology readily.

Single page website

Single page website is favorite for the user all around the world. The acceptance of Gmail, Facebook and similar kind of sites are very examples of that. The prime advantage of a single page website is, it doesn’t ask for additional time to open. Also, it opens up the pages on the same browser.

What makes is lovable is the easiness to find everything on a single page. Moreover, it is rich with illustrations, mobile and more appealing. And this makes it an inevitable add-on that every single website will have on the network.

Static website

Static websites are dethroning the dynamic web pages. It is because of the compactness of static websites and its lesser time for loading up. Also, it is serving as a cost-effective choice for entrepreneurs across the globe.

Hence the multiple advantages that static websites offer are largely driving the website owners to switch their websites a static outlook than a delaying dynamic one.

User interface

The researches on user experience are leaping in jet speed. Every day, the big tech giants are trying to add more flavors to the user interface across the platforms. From the web design to the day to day backend updates are massively focusing on improving the user interface.

Adding more technology and hues of artificial intelligence the process of making web technologies more appealing is growing in agile.

Putting it all together, it is evident that the web development technologies are into a huge transition. If we fail to keep our pace to the trends and updates, we will lose the market for sure. Hence, just have a look over all the movements in the tech world upscale the website. Know the customer, know the market and know the technologies.

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January 24 2019

What is WordPress Web Development?

Are you looking for to Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer?

WordPress Development

In its essence, WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS allows users to create, manage and organize digital content like websites, blogs, multimedia, etc. WordPress is one of the first-movers in the CMS domain. In fact, launched in 2003, it is older than Facebook and Twitter itself. Since its inception, it has risen in ranks to become the most preferred CMS platform. According to W3Techs survey, WordPress commands a dominant 60% of the CMS market share. In fact, most government agencies across the globe are said to be using WordPress as their CMS.

The unique nature of WordPress:
Unlike most CMS platforms which are owned and managed by owners or corporates, WordPress has a unique ownership nature. In fact, it has no owners at all. It is an open-source platform that thrives with the support and contribution of its users. In fact, WordPress does not have a CEO at all.

One of many, build as many as you want:
WordPress has a built-in multisite feature. It allows you to create a network of WordPress websites using the same WordPress installation. In other words, as a WordPress admin, you can make work several websites from a single control panel.

What are the benefits of using WordPress?

Open-Source Freedom:
Licensed CMS platforms require you to pay for downloading the software, installation, upgradation and so on. WordPress, on the other hand, comes for free. Self-hosting means you do not incur any costs for hosting services. You can also extend the performance of your WordPress website with several free and paid plugins.

WordPress websites are inherently SEO-friendly. They have dedicated fields for meta titles, meta tags, primary keywords and so on which makes them rank higher on search engine results. The backend coding of WordPress is designed to tackle 80-90% crawling needs of Google’s search bots.

Community Support:
You are never lost for support with WordPress. WordPress has a thriving community of developers, users, and contributors. The community shares all the latest troubleshooting solutions, tips, hacks and whatnot that can solve your WordPress problems. If you are interested in meeting WordPress enthusiasts in person, there are city-based events, mentorship programs and much more that you can participate in.

Why WordPress?

Simple Content Management:
WordPress is pretty straightforward to use. First-time users or experienced developers, everybody will find it equally comfortable to use on a regular basis. To be more precise, the user-friendliness is what has made WordPress the most popular CMS platform in the whole world. There is no dearth of online training material that can make any novice an expert in WordPress in a short span of time. Rest assured, you won’t incur heavy costs to train your employees to use WordPress.

Thousands of plugins:
For free or for a throwaway price, you can find a torrent of WordPress plugins that can improve your website performance, security, productivity, user-friendliness and much more. In fact, if you have a stellar idea of your own, you can create your own WordPress plugin and launch it in the WordPress marketplace.

Adaptable for any industry:
Glamorous fashion to high-tech eCommerce, WordPress is game for any kind of industry. It is an extremely flexible and agile CMS platform by nature. Combine with flexibility and agility with the thousands of plugins, you get a robust system that is all geared to go to market.

Multi-lingual support:
Want to build and manage a website in German, French, Spanish, or any other 68+ languages? Well, WordPress can help you have a single website that can be translated into any other language that your target audience may be comfortable with. In a way, WordPress makes it possible to talk to your user’s language.

Abundant developer base:
WordPress developers are available in plenty. From freelancer websites to organized corporates, you can find all kinds of WordPress development forms. WordPress is built using PHP and MySQL which makes it a widely known CMS platform across the globe.

Latest features:
The WordPress community toils hard to release security patches and operational enhancements from time to time. The CMS system has its own built-in auto-update system which ensures that the system is updated regularly without fail. So, there is little chance that you will remain stuck with obsolete software unless you want to stay there put.

WordPress responsive designing Consultation:

As much as WordPress is flexible and scalable, it is also responsive to different screen sizes. Websites built on WordPress can adapt to any screen size easily. All you need is the services of a professional WordPress responsive designing consultant. They can help you figure out how to make your website fit snugly to every screen that your users could be using.

Let’s get started

Want to ask something specific? Write us a line to info@freelancetoindia.com
Want more information about WordPress Develompent services? Get A Free Consulting & Quote Now.

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January 23 2019

Why Drupal Development Services?

Are you looking for to Hire Dedicated Drupal Developer?


Drupal Development

About Drupal Development

Drupal is a content management software that helps you build websites enriched with dynamic experiences. It is known for its simple content authoring, sturdy performance and also solid security. The highlight of Drupal is its ability to extend productivity by integrating thousands of add-ons. From customizing content to improving SEO-friendliness or even integrating sales enablement features, Drupal can make a lot happen for your business. If you are on the lookout for a CMS platform that can add strength to your business, Drupal is an excellent choice. Here is an elaborate take on why Drupal works.

Why Drupal Development?

Drupal is truly a CMS that is built for the cloud era. It is open-source – meaning anyone can download it, create websites, invite collaborators also share it with the world. Also, it costs $0 to use Drupal. There is no license or subscription fees that one has to pay to use Drupal.

Why use Drupal?

There are plenty of reasons why you can choose Drupal as your CMS.

  • Many websites, one CMS

Blog, personal website, official web portal, organizational intranet, eCommerce store, public forum, resource directories; why even social networking websites – you can build any kind of website with Drupal.

  • Large developer base

Drupal is written on PHP. Even back in 2013 PHP had a 5 Million strong developer base. As a programming framework that is still going strong, it commands a large developer base. Rest assured, finding highly skilled and experienced Drupal developers is going to be a cake walk.

  • Pre-build pages

If you are short on time and want a website to get started quickly, you can always rely on pre-built web pages available on Drupal. Drupal official resources has an abundant supply of themes that can suit any website need.

  • Ample API Support

Drupal offers impressive API support which ensures that you can build software and internal components that can communicate with one another easily. Also, it can be integrated with third-party programs and applications without much sweating.

  • Highly Customizable

From the color theme to the backend functionalities, you can customize almost every pixel of websites built using Drupal. As a CMS platform that is renowned for dynamic digital experiences, you will not have look anywhere else for a powerful and scalable web experience building platform.

Benefits of Drupal

Drupal supplies its users with a long list of features that can make them forget to think of an alternative. Here are a handful that impressed us.

  • Big Data, at your service

Big Data helps data-rich organizations to pick insights from large volumes of data. But, having a solid base to launch big data platforms is vital. Drupal offers a good base to enable organizations to use big data to take data-driven decisions.

  • Embrace Mobility

There is no going back to the PC-era. This is the age of mobile responsive websites and applications. If you want maximum traffic, conversions, and user engagement on your websites, mobile responsiveness is inevitable. Drupal’s mobile-friendliness can give you an upper hand in that aspect.

  • Refreshing Customer Experience

Digital becoming the primary medium of user interaction, it is mandatory that your website has an impressive user experience. Drupal helps create and implement quick changes to your website that will keep up its experience at all time high.

  • Highly Scalable

Drupal is designed to help you take single page websites to 5000 page websites in a short span of time. There is no restriction on the number of pages or functionalities that you can use. Also, there is no lock-in of capital for building new web pages. You can grow website as and when your business grows.

Drupal Consulting Services

Drupal is a great CMS platform. But, to unearth its maximum potential you need the assistance of a Drupal expert. You need somebody who can help pick the right Drupal theme, customize it and also create unique user experiences that will drive your business growth.

With a solid team of Drupal experts who are well-versed in Drupal website development, QA, deployment, migration, support and maintenance, we can help you make the best of Drupal as your CMS. Tell us your requirements and we will help you bring your dream Drupal website into actual form. With experience and expertise on our side, speed to market is something that you can be assured of.

Want to ask something specific? Write us a line to info@freelancetoindia.com

Let’s get started, Want more information about Drupal Development services? Get A Free Estimate Quote.


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